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The town offers myriad opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

Welcome to Brookline

A thriving, socially-minded town surrounded by greenery.

Brookline is a welcoming community just west of Boston’s city limits. Surrounded by nature preserves and parks, the town offers myriad opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Residents are known for their dedication to building a strong, cross-generational community, making Brookline a place where people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the charm and culture the town has to offer. The high quality of life means those who settle in Brookline are likely to stay for many years to come.

​​​​​​​Surrounded by greenery, Brookline is a haven for nature-lovers with a tight local community. The town has thriving small businesses and a grassroots arts scene, with all the attractions of Boston and Cambridge just next door.

What to Expect

Spacious homes and quick commute times.

Brookline homes offer ample space, inside and out. From hanging up art on wide-open walls to planting vegetable gardens in the backyard, Brookliners make the most of the room they have. Since Boston and Cambridge are right next doors, Brookline is a top choice for commuters working in technology, education, medicine, and greater Boston’s other flourishing industries.

The Lifestyle

Deeply connected to nature and neighbors.

With four multi-acre nature sanctuaries and miles of walking and jogging paths, Brookline residents revel in the natural world. They make a point to swing by the Thursday farmer’s market and snag a crisp head of lettuce grown on Brookline’s own hydroponic farm. Connections to neighbors come naturally too, whether that takes the form of striking up a conversation over a strong cup of coffee at Café Fixe, suggesting a good read while in line at Brookline Booksmith, sharing a bowl of homemade pasta at Pomodoro, or toasting a craft brew at Washington Square Tavern.

Unexpected Appeal

An established community for everyone, from teens to furry friends.

Brookline is home to extraordinary enrichment centers for many age groups. Young adults have a home at the Brookline Teen Center to build robots, play parkour, or hold band practice. Retirees fill their days with yoga classes, guided hikes, and art exhibits organized by the town’s senior center. Residents often volunteer at these centers, when they’re not honing their own creative practice making ceramics at the Brookline Arts Center or perfecting a plié at the Brookline Ballet School. The town is especially desirable for dog owners; the community has been active in establishing pet playgrounds, and their Green Dog program created 14 off-leash dog parks for furry friends to frolic in.

Brookline Real Estate Market

Roomy condominiums, historic single-family homes, and generous rental options.

Condominiums in Brookline were designed with family living in mind—larger units abound, though smaller homes for singles and couples can also be found. Many buildings are historic and under four stories tall, so single-family homes and walk-up units are common. Brookline has restrictions on overnight parking for public streets, so be sure to secure a space for every vehicle. Brookline real estate showcases a variety of buyer and rental options. The Carol Kelly Team of Brookline real estate agents & realtors finds, houses, condos & homes for sale in Brookline, MA 02445.

You'll Fall in Love With

Weeknights at Coolidge Corner and weekends in the fresh air.

One of the town gems is Coolidge Corner Theatre, a resplendent art-deco style cinema that features a mix of old classics, blockbuster hits, and independent flicks on it’s ever-changing marquee. Sports fans and trivia champs gather at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse on game night. From Saturdays spent strolling past rare cars on the expansive lawn at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and sharing tapas on the patio at Barcelona Wine Bar to Sundays spent exploring Lost Pond Sanctuary or training for the marathon with the town running club, leisure days in Brookline are all about playing in the open air.

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